MicroHams Digital Conference

This conference is presented each year to "inspire, inform and educate" about the leading edge of digital communications.  Technology is growing in breadth and depth each year.  Each year we strive to bring current information, new developments and the backstory of changes and developments with incites to inspire.  As such, the MicroHams Digital Conference (MHDC), presenters offer a variety of topics across a wide range of skill levels and subjects.

If you are working or have experience in digital communication, especially as it pertains to Amateur Radio, and are willing to present, please contact us.  Technology is typically moving faster in many areas than any individual can follow.  Many times, the subjects presented inspire others to get involved which further extends the technologies.  So, if you can educate and inspire, please contact us.

Future Conferences

There is now content available from many sources that didn't previously exist.  It is no longer clear that the Microhams conferences offer the same value they did previously beyond curating some interesting materials.  As a result, the status of future conferences is unclear.  We hope you enjoy the materials we have collected so far.